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Wicklow Way Farm 2020

(amidst the Co-Vid 19 pandemic)

 Wicklow Way is currently in full production for our 2020 season, ready to offer you fabulous, certified organic food with flavour. What we will continue to deal with this season is how to get our produce to you.

To begin our season will be offering once-a-week, prepackaged boxes of our produce. The contents of these boxes will be determined by Wicklow Way based on what we have available that week. There will not be a choice of what is in the box. On occasion, we will offer some specialty items for your choosing.

The cost of the box will vary over the course of the season. At the beginning, when we have less variety, the boxes will cost approximately $35 to $45. Later in the season as we have more product the price will increase appropriately. We will require a $200 deposit up front from which we will draw down $20 each week against the price of your box. We ask that you pay the balance each week prior to pick-up by etransfer. If you are unable to pay electronically, let us know and we will arrange something else.

The $200 will cover the program for the first 10 weeks. Thereafter we will either ask for a top up or look at more free choice if the Co-Vid 19 lockdown eases up.

Once we have smoothed out the operation of this delivery we will start to include a loaf of our sourdough bread in the box. The bread is included in the price of the box. Initially we will only be baking one variety of bread each week. We hope to add more choice as we work through the logistics of the early season.

We plan to do pick-ups at the Farm and are trying to arrange pick-ups at a location in Cobourg and one in Port Hope. All pick-ups will be on the same day. The window for pickup will be about an hour or so long. Your box will be in shopping bags and will be placed into your vehicle at the pick-up location. (Don’t get out of your car.) For some of you who are particularly vulnerable we will offer a doorstep drop off if you are in our delivery corridor. Please let us know if you need this service.

If you are interested in participating in the offering, please just send us an email or Facebook message and we will then follow up with you. We are going to be limited to approximately 50 boxes so we encourage you to respond early.

We ourselves are taking strong precautions to not get infected and not to be a source of transmission. Currently, only Elaina and I are working on the farm and we do not plan to hire employees. We will disinfect containers and work to make sure our produce arrives fresh, tasty and clean.

We appreciate you working with us through this difficult time. We will try to move towards more freedom of choice and greater interaction when conditions allow. We plan to be back at the Cobourg Farmers Market once they are allowed to operate. In the meantime, take good care of yourselves.

This is what a CSA bin might look like, though the contents will vary week to week! <3

Just a sample of some of our produce…

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