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We love vegetables. At Wicklow Way we grow over 400 varieties of vegetables, from asparagus to zucchini. Many of our vegetables are European varieties. In particular, we grow mostly European style potatoes with their yellow flesh, waxy texture and buttery flavour. We love our French filet beans with their fine texture and delicate taste. Our patty pans (baby summer squash) are both a treat for the eye and the palate. And of course our heirloom tomatoes with all the flavour we used to only remember. All grown in good soil and picked at the peak of ripeness.


Asparagus Celery Kale Parsnips
Arugula Chard Kohlrabi Peas
Beans; Dry,  Fava, Filet, Snap Chicory; Dandelion, Radicchio Leek Peppers
Beets Collards Cress Potatoes; 16 varieties
Broccolini Corn, Sweet & Popping Mesclun Radish
Rapini Cucumber Lettuce Rutabaga
Brussel Sprouts Cucumber, Mediterranean Lettuce, Escarole Spinach
Cabbage,Napa Eggplant Melon Squash, Summer & Winter
Carrots Garlic Okra Tomatillo
Cauliflower Green Onions Onions Tomatoes
Celeriac Fennel Oriental Greens  Zucchini

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