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Well, we work a lot. All farmers work a lot. We start up the greenhouse the first of March in order to get our onions, leeks and celeriac under way. We very quickly move on to all other crops, especially those long season, heat loving solonacaes which include eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. We do all our own seed starts as well as planting many crops by direct seeding.

Gregory is in the fields preparing beds as soon as the weather allows. Sometimes this is as early as the beginning of April depending on the location of the field. Planting begins as soon as those beds are prepared. Early crops include all things green from arugula and chard to kale, Asian greens, lettuces, cabbages and broccolis. We also nurture a quarter acre of asparagus that is producing beautifully now several years after planting.

During the season we continue planting right up until September so that we have lettuces and other greens to take us to year end at our farmers markets. Weeding and cultivating both by hand and by tractor also continue during the entire length of the season. Harvesting, washing, bunching and bagging are weekly adventures as we work our way through the seasons. What a delight.


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