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We have been calling this the bread project – and what a project it has been. We started construction of the oven in October 2010 and the actual oven was complete in September of 2011. Since that time we have also finished the bake house and have been baking sourdough breads each week for the past 6 years.

For the 2020 growing season Elaina will be baking breads each Friday night from May through the end of October. These breads will be available at our Saturday at the Cobourg Farmers Market. I wish I could bake breads for everyone each day of the week but hey, then I’d be a baker and I want to be a farmer.

We have a few standard breads that we bake: White Bȃtard, Seven Seed, Red Fife with Sprouted Red Fife Berries, Honey Raisin Brain, Light Rye with Caraway, Pumpkin Bread with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Walnut & Raisin, Wild Rice and Cranberry, and Beet Bread. All our breads are made with certified organic ingredients and a sourdough starter that Elaina developed in 1996 while working in the restaurant industry.

Sourdough breads are easier to digest due to the long fermentation process involved. Many of our customers who are unable to eat wheat or gluten can eat our sourdough breads. Think about it…


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