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Gregory Hill and Elaina Asselin are the caretakers of Wicklow Way farm. We are proud of where our small farm started and where we have come over the past ten years. We originally specialized in heirloom tomatoes and that was it. We soon realized that to improve our soil structure and nutrient capacity we needed to start rotating those tomatoes and grow something else in that original space. So we added some market garden vegetables to our mix. Then, in order to rotate all of those vegetables we had to clear and till up more land which meant pulling trees and scrub, plowing, taking soil tests and enhancing our soil. We had to buy a tractor…then two and three tractors…all with specific duties and functions.

Well, as it turns out, we have opened up 6 acres of land for cultivation and are continually pushing back the forest edge for more field space and sunlight. We now employ five full-time seasonal staff to help us with our farm. How does that saying go? “It takes a village to raise a crop” or something like that…

Gregory and I are always ready to talk about food and farming, the organic certification process, why purchasing certified organic is the best way to eat, how certified organic can feed the world, why everyone should stay away from using chemicals to grow our food and why genetically modified seed is a definite no-no.

But the best part of what we do is eat. It helps that Elaina spent 16 years in the fine dining industry sweating it out in kitchens as a chef. So, we eat well all day, all season and all year. We know and love how to cook not only vegetables but meat as well. We have our own laying hens for eggs and we enjoy our own chicken for meat. We love talking about food, how to prepare our produce and meats, and how you can be involved in our farm through volunteer opportunities and our CSA program. We are excited about all that can be produced on such a small acreage.

Please drop by one of our farmers markets to engage us in conversation. We could simply go on…and on…


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