Elaina Asselin and Gregory Hill are the custodians of Wicklow Way.


photo credit: Ron Baxter Smith

Elaina Asselin:  Farmer & Chef

Food has been an influencing factor for all of my adult life.  I love not only its’ creative aspect but the generosity of spirit it sends and the social environment it propagates.  Sharing, for me, is the side of food that I love the most.

After spending my early adult life as a Systems Analyst I felt a need to be more creative in my work.  I spent over 16 years in Toronto and Montreal in the restaurant business as a Chef.  It is a very grueling lifestyle, with many fond memories that I wouldn't trade for anything.  Being a Chef is exciting, creative, stressful, all consuming and at times overwhelming.  It also allowed me to share myself with so many people.

Now, I am at a stage in my life where many things are important…my husband, my family and my cooking, the environment, living a healthy lifestyle, spending time with friends, and giving something of myself.  My current position in life, farming, allows me to contribute to all of these.  I am proud to say that I am a small part of a growing concern for our health and our environment. 


photo credit: Ron Baxter Smith

Gregory Hill: Farmer & Worker of Wood

Gregory has a long and varied career in widely different fields. He graduated from UofT in Computer Science, specializing in Computer Graphics. He spent his first 15 years in various hi-tech businesses including typesetting, computer animation, compact disc production and various consulting roles. He founded or was involved in the start up of several businesses including Canada’s first compact disc plant, a high-end athletic apparel company, a test and instrumentation company and recently, an entrepreneurial endeavour to establish a world-scale straw-based board manufacturing facility in China.

 Most recently, he has turned his attention to his first loves, wood and the land. With his wife Elaina, they have established Wicklow Way, an Organic Farm, an Artisan Kitchen and a Woodcraft Studio. They share their interests and talents to provide handcrafted products from wood, creative food from their kitchen and delicious, heritage produce from their land.

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